There are new runners on top chart- as the lap is changing

There are new runners on top chart- as the lap is changing

Our new recommendations to MF Portfolio

We sent an important note on 18th May 2020 to all our customers through E mail with heading : 'Watch our new additions in the MF portfolio' ,suggesting you to add some new entrants in your MF portfolio, which has exposure or theme to invest in - cements, energy, small cap and MSME based companies. We also released a full length video to logical justify our points.

We would like to attract your attention towards the top MF runners of last week - you will find that most of the laggards have become toppers as the lanes are changing fast ! All our recommended schemes have occupied the top chart and are heading strong - do keep a track on them 

Fund Category Returns as on 3rd June '20

As on 03-Jun-2020

TATA Energy Fund & Kotak Economic Infra fund are the top gainers in our recommended list; please find the full list as given below :

Tata Resources & Energy fund 
SBI Healthcare Opportunities Fund 
SBI Small Cap Fund Equity 
Kotak Infrastructure & Economic Reforms Fund
ICICI Prudential Pharma Healthcare & Diagnostics (P.H.D)Fund
HDFC Small Cap Fund
Franklin Build India Fund
Aditya Birla Sunlife Manufacturing Equity Fund 

Reach us for help :

Our team is available for all your support and quick transaction execution , if required. Feel free to E mail us at : or call at - 930-7218766 or 0522-4101667
Mobile application : Download 'fund connect' from any store and enter '9415410781' when asked for 'Advisor's number- and proceed
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